Oxygen Health Club – Jabriya1
Oxygen Health Club – Jabriya2
Oxygen Health Club – Jabriya3
Oxygen Health Club – Jabriya4
Oxygen Health Club – Jabriya5

Oxygen Health Club – Jabriya

The Famous Health Club in Jabriya , located by the 4th ring road on area of 1000 m2 foot print and about 3000 m2 built up area , it was one of our biggest challenges to achieve the dream of both the designer and the owner, to create a brutal rough and industrial look of the spaces that would create the body building champs.

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Dar Hamad Restaurant1
Dar Hamad Restaurant2
Dar Hamad Restaurant3
Dar Hamad Restaurant4
Dar Hamad Restaurant5
Dar Hamad Restaurant6
Dar Hamad Restaurant7
Dar Hamad Restaurant8
Dar Hamad Restaurant9
Dar Hamad Restaurant10
Dar Hamad Restaurant11
Dar Hamad Restaurant12
Dar Hamad Restaurant13
Dar Hamad Restaurant14
Dar Hamad Restaurant15
Dar Hamad Restaurant16

Dar Hamad Restaurant

A restaurant on an area of 4092 m2 consists of basement,ground floor,first floor and roof floor.

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dina villas1
dina villas2
dina villas3
dina villas4
dina villas5
dina villas6
dina villas7
dina villas8
dina villas9
dina villas10
dina villas11

Dina Villa

A hosing porject, Owned by Shaikh / Mansour Mubarak Abdullah Al-Sabah, to develop 19 villa’sas loacted on 8 different plots of total area 8100 m2, in Mubarak Abdullah Al-Jaber area for investment purposes.

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Private Chalets1
Private Chalets2
Private Chalets3
Private Chalets4
Private Chalets5
Private Chalets6
Private Chalets7
Private Chalets8
Private Chalets9
Private Chalets10
Private Chalets11
Private Chalets12
Private Chalets13
Private Chalets14
Private Chalets15
Private Chalets16
Private Chalets17
Private Chalets18
Private Chalets19
Private Chalets20
Private Chalets21

Private Chalets

A luxuries coastal private housing consists of 4 main buildings consist of 17 chalets. The project has been built on 3000 m2

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Joori Restaurant1
Joori Restaurant2
Joori Restaurant3
Joori Restaurant4
Joori Restaurant5
Joori Restaurant6
Joori Restaurant7
Joori Restaurant8

Joori Restaurant

A restaurant on an area of 1000 m2 consists of basement , ground floor , first floor and roof. floor.

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J.S Private Villa1
J.S Private Villa2
J.S Private Villa3
J.S Private Villa4
J.S Private Villa5
J.S Private Villa6
J.S Private Villa7
J.S Private Villa8
J.S Private Villa9
J.S Private Villa10
J.S Private Villa11
J.S Private Villa12
J.S Private Villa13
J.S Private Villa14

J.S Private Villa

A resedential  villa at Shamiya area , it is being built on 1000 m2 , consists of Basement , Ground floor,First floor, second floor and roof with swimming pool.

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Al Sallal Private Villa1
Al Sallal Private Villa2
Al Sallal Private Villa3
Al Sallal Private Villa4
Al Sallal Private Villa5
Al Sallal Private Villa6
Al Sallal Private Villa7
Al Sallal Private Villa8
Al Sallal Private Villa9
Al Sallal Private Villa10
Al Sallal Private Villa11

Al Sallal Private Villa

A resedential villa at Quortuba area, it is being built on 1000 m2, consists of Basement, Ground floor,First floor, second floor and roof with swimming pool.

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